Welcome to the home of the Beaver River Vice crew. The journey began in ???? with the vision of one intrepid adventurer. Our leader (pictured at left) enlisted the aid of many weekend warriors to travel to the northern region of the Applachain Mountains in pursuit of (not fame and fortune) rest and relaxation. The expedition paid off and all who attended returned home relaxed. The claim that all returned rested largely depends upon the storyteller. Other tales have become shrouded in mystery, and remain to this day, largely unproven. Only one account, a tale of two unfortunate souls who became lost in the unforgiving wilderness, can be verified. This story, along with others, have led even the most courageous to balk at the opportunity to venture into this forever wild region of the Adirondack Mountains. Please join our leader as he provides a visual account of a visit to the Norridgewock. Incidentally, all of the above is an overly exaggerated account of a visit to a really scenic location. Highly recommended... especially the restaurant.