Adult Education - The Internet - A Brief Introduction

Welcome to a GCS computer awareness session. Over the next few hours we will explore several facets of the Internet. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. In the span of these sessions we shall explore the following areas of computer technology using a web browser:

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a big place. I'm not sure there is a simple way to explain its composition. It has been called "The Information Super Highway", " The Network of Networks" and various other names since its creation. These are acceptable descriptions but, as an instructor, I struggle when someone next poses the question, "No, really, so what is the Internet?" At the most basic level, the Internet is a connection between computers. While a simple network may be created between two home computers using a direct link cable or two network cards and a network cable, a link between computers over distance requires a booster known as a repeater. As the network and distance between additional computers grows, a server and additional repeaters may be used to share resources (like a printer) at common locations. If the network is further enhanced and two servers are connected, a secure intranet may be created. The connection between all intranets through a common backbone and/or gateway is my perception of the Internet... I realize it's overly simplistic, but it does (hopefully) provide some insight. (-: For a slightlty more technical desciption, please click the link below:

Definition as presented by (

How can I get on the Internet?
Some thoughts. (

Who created the Internet and for what purpose?
An informative source. (

How do I find things on the Internet?

Search Engines...
Definition as presented by
A list of available search engines.

So what's e-mail?
Definition as presented by (
Where can I get an e-mail service?(
How do I send an e-mail greeting?(

What's a computer virus?
Definition as presented by (

So what's a web browser?
Definition as presented by (

So how dangerous is the Internet to young people?
Information from the Center for Missing and Exploited Chilren.

So what about privacy?
Links supplied by PC Magazine

So what's a cookie?
Discussion as supplied by Cookie Central?(

So what's a spider?
Discussion as supplied by Webcrawler. (

What about security and what's this encryption thing?
Definition as presented by (

What is the World Wide Web?

Definition as presented by (
An overview as presented by Marge Hohly (

So what's a webpage?
Definition as presented by (

So how do I build a webpage?
A tutorial (
A webpage service (

So what's the deal with Copyrighted Items?
A brief look at copyright law by Linda Cole

So where can I find programs that I can try for free and/or keep? ( (

So where can I find Internet Games and/or Information suitable for me and my kids?
Candystand (
Triviamachine (
ABC's Who wants to be a millionare? (

Other Places of Interest.
Groton Central School District (
E-Bay Online Auction (
Ford Motor Company (
Micron Computers (
PC Magazine ( (
Amazon Sales (
Hallmark Greetings (