Wk Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
1 Expectations Microsoft Word
Nameplate Project
Computer Hardware Identification
Draw and label a computer
2 Hardware ID Draw and label MS Word Project
Crossword Project
3 MS Word Project cont.
Crossword Project
MS Word Terms Due
Chap. 2-6
MS Word Quiz
4 MS Excel Basic Operations MS Excel Creating a Chart MS Excel Future Loans
5 Residential House Design Project (RHDP) Hardware Terms Due Chap. 1-4 Hardware Quiz
6 RHDP continued...
7 RHDP continued... MS Excel Terms Due Chap. 10-14 MS Excel Quiz
8 RHDP continued... RHDP due
9 Introduce Paint.net
Paint.net Project Internet Awarness Project (IAP)
10 IAP continued...
11 IAP continued... Internet Terms Due Chap. 1-6 Internet Quiz IAP Due
12 The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
View a guide
What to know...
13 HTML continued... HTML Quiz
14 Introduce PowerPoint PowerPoint Multimedia PowerPoint Templates PowerPoint Animation PowerPoint Buttons
15 PowerPoint Movie Control PowerPoint Slide Master PowerPoint Project
16 PowerPoint Project cont... PowerPoint Terms Due Chap. 7-9 PowerPoint Quiz
17 Microsoft Publisher Create a card,banner and brochure
18 Final Assignment Review for Final Exam Final Exam

Please note: This class is designed for a specific amount of time (ie 90 days/18 weeks) for High school classes. It is a template for the subject matter that will be covered. Vacation periods or other breaks are included within the normal 20 week semester period. Adjustments to content may be made as necessary.

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