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In this class you will learn about applications of graphic design. To begin our journey we will need to complete the rather boring (but crucial) task of identifying and mastering the major concepts needed to achieve our initial goal of creating our scholastic yearbook.

In creating your yearbook, you will master:

- Basic yearbook terminology

- Basic photography skills

- Computer skills - using an image (photo) editor

- Page design

- Use of typography as a graphic element

- Headline and caption writing

- Interviewing skills

- Readying pages for production

- Theme development

- Creating master layouts

- Creating a workable ladder

- Organization and time management - meeting deadlines

The yearbook course is deadline driven from the onset. Each student will be assigned a number of spreads to complete for the year. They will be given mini deadline dates for their assignments.

The major Jostens plant deadlines are: November 26 (32 pages), December 24, 2007 (34 pages), February 11, 2008 (34 pages), March 10, 2008 (32 pages).

After the final deadline is met and the entire yearbook has been sent to the publisher, we will then concentrate on different assignments for the remainder of the school year. Included in these assignments will be development of the theme for the 2007 yearbook, work on spring sports, learning new graphic design techniques, and other relevant activities.

Content contribution by J. Burgess

Assessment/Evaluation (Grading)

Your grade will be determined as follows:

X-tra Credit Classroom activities (Instructor's Discretion)

20% Classroom Participation
40% Meeting Dealines
40% Quailty of completed work

20% Final Project (Final Average)

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