To: All Students
From: M. Molino
Re: Computer Lab Expectations

 Version 1.8

Students should know that the use of computer systems within the Groton Central School district is a privilege. They should realize that they are subject to all school and lab guidelines both verbal and written. They should know that they shall be required to demonstrate both an understanding and readiness to operate very expensive and very delicate equipment. The instructor reserves the right to dismiss from this class and possibly recommend the loss of the privilege of the use of all computer equipment within the Groton Central School District any student who knowingly damages or destroys any and all hardware, software(1) and/or data currently under the care of the Groton Central School District.

1) You shall begin the semester with an interest in computers.

2) The No Touching Rule - Do not physically invade the personal space of your neighbor(s).

3) Any behavior deemed inappropriate shall elicit a warning or immediate removal from the lab setting depending upon the nature of the infraction.

4)All students shall receive, review and/or submit any and all forms presently implemented for the appropriate use of the Groton Central School District computing network.

5) You are responsible for all assignments and instructions (written or verbal) missed due to (un)excused absences. You must contact the instructor or fellow classmate to review missing and/or outstanding instructions and/or assignments. All missed assignments must be completed within a reasonable amount of time. Assignments may be found on the class plan webpage.

6) You are subject to all rules and/or updates posted on the lab marker or cork bulletin board in the lab setting.

7) You shall be provided with a folder that shall contain all completed assignments and/or handouts distributed in class. Final grades shall be adjusted accordingly if you fail to meet this criteria.

8) All students, upon finding a seat, should remain seated until the bell rings unless they have a reason to be wandering (i.e. to retrieve a print out) Please note: all questions will be answered within a reasonable amount of time at your computer in your seat if your hand is raised.

9) Do not install any software (i.e programs, screen savers, instant messengers) or plugins (i.e. for the Netscape Communicator) without permission of the supervisor.

10) Do not take anything apart - This includes all equipment in the lab.

11) Do not use, listen to, or print out profanity.

12) Do not attempt to hack anything.

13) Do not disable virus protection.

14) Do not use someone else's account.

15) Do not purposely annoy the instructor or anyone else.

16) Do not ignore clear instructions.

17) Do not use headphones or speaker without permission.

18) Do not use chat rooms without permission.

All students in the lab may, at the instructors discretion, play simple non-violent computer games for the last ten minutes of each class period.

Additionally, all students should know that if they are allowed to use e-mail, the instructor reserves the right to read all sent and/or received communications. This may also include images and/or other attachments.

(1) Software includes, but may not be limited to, all applications, system controls and/or settings installed, configured, and/or placed within the network environment.