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Global History 10

In this class you will learn about:

Historical topics that span from 1750 (The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment) to the present day.

Students shall (to the best of their ability):

Learn the concepts as set forth in the New York State Global History Standards (Units 5-8).   Teacher Notes

View the NYS Global History Standards, units 5 - 8.

In Global History 10 it is of crucial importance that you understand that your level of participation will determine a large portion of your grade.

Your participation therefore is crucial to the successful completion of this class. You should therefore make every effort to attend each and every class.

Attendance Policy
In the event that you are unable to attend class it is your responsibility to determine what you have missed. Please review the expectations for additional details with regards to meeting project deadlines.

General Educational Emphasis
Students will be required to read and comprehend basic global concepts. They will be encouraged to discuss this information within the classroom. They may be required to use the Internet to research a variety of contemporary global issues. They will be required to demonstrate an understanding of these ideas by completing quizzes, projects and examinations.

Course Goals/Objectives
1) A fundamental understanding of global political challenges.
2) A fundamental understanding of global economic concerns.
3) A fundamental understanding of global social issues.
4) A fundamental understanding of global historical events.

Instructional Methods
Discussion - topics covered in the review and/or text books will be discussed during review sessions (see below).
Assignments - periodically students will be required to complete projects. Students may be required to complete these assignments in class using the Internet as a primary resource.
Review - material covered in each chapter will be reviewed prior to each quiz.

Overview of Quiz/Exam Design
Quizzes will be composed of (best answer) multiple-choice and short anwer questions taken primarily from the review and/or text book.
Exams will be composed primarily of quiz questions.

Required Text - Glencoe World History, Jackson J. Spielvogel (Glencoe Publishing).

Recommended Text -Brief Review in Global History and Geography, Goldberg/DuPre (Prentice Hall Publishing).

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