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1 Expectations "Those who"

Global 9 Review
Scrapbook Project


Global 9 Review
Scrapbook Project


Global 9 Review
Scrapbook Project


Global 9-10
Transitional Geography Project

5 Unit 5 » An Age of Revolutions (1750-1914)
♦ Presentation by Instructor
Discovery Activity - Crossword Puzzle
6 The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
Thematic Timeline Activity
7 The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
♦ Presentation by Instructor
Crossword Due
8 Political Revolutions (Americas & Europe)
9 Political Revolutions (Americas & Europe)
♦ Presentation by Instructor
10 Political Revolutions (Americas & Europe)
Timeline Due
11 Review - Age of Revolutions Movies Review Activity - Word Find
12 Reaction against Revolutionary Ideas
RaRI Quiz
13 Global Nationalism
GN Quiz
14 Economic and Social Revolutions
EaSR Quiz
15 Japan and the Meiji Restoration
JatMR Quiz
16 Imperialism
Imp Quiz
17 Unit 6 » Crises and Achievements (1900-1945)
Scientific and Technological Achievements
SaTa Quiz
18 World War I
WWI Quiz
19 Revolution in Russia: Causes and Impacts
RiR Quiz
20 Between the Wars
BtW Quiz
21 World War II
22 World War I/World War II Review Project
23 Unit 7 » Twentieth Century (1945-Present)
Cold War Balance of Power
Cold War Quiz
24 Economic Issues
Issues Quiz
25 Chinese Communist Revolution
CCR Quiz
26 Collapse of European Imperialism
Collapse Quiz
27 Conflicts and Change in the Middle East
Conflicts Quiz
28 Collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union
Collapse Quiz
29 Political and Economic Change in Latin America
Change Quiz
30 Unit 8 » The World Today (1980-Present)
Economic Trends
Trends Quiz
31 Conflicts and Peace Efforts
Conflicts Quiz
32 Social Patterns and Change
Change Quiz
33 Science and Technology
Sci/Tech Quiz
34 The Environment
Environment Quiz
35 Global 9-10 Review for Regents
36 Global 9-10 Review for Regents

Please note: This class is designed for a specific amount of time (ie 90 days/18 weeks) for High school classes. It is a template for the subject matter that will be covered. Vacation periods or other breaks are included within the normal 20 week semester period. Adjustments to content may be made as necessary.

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