Tips to create (enhance the appearance of) your webpage.
  1. Select a topic and create an outline or mind map (Inspiration software).
    »In your index.html write a mission statement and include links to all webpages.
  2. Brainstorm a layout design (using frames if only absolutely necessary)
  3. Select good colors (for text, background & links).
  4. Create text in an image with a dropshadow. ( vs. Important Text)
  5. Arrange elements (text and images) in a table to ensure "white" (blank) space.


  6. Use high quality images and exceptional content.
  7. Implement simple (and obvious) navigation controls.

    Basic Tags | Table Tags | Frame Tags | Graphics | JavaScript | Imagemaps | Flash | Perl&CGI | Linux&Unix | Careers

  8. Ensure that your webpages load (reasonably) quickly.
  9. Review these notes and heed the advice of the webmasters.
  10. Seek inspiration.