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Why learn HTML?
There are several reasons that you might want to learn the hypertext markup language (html). You may wish to understand how information is transmitted over the Internet. You may wish to post an informed opinion that people around the world could share. You may wish to build websites to make money or, as is the case with most webmasters, you may wish to create a virtual world into which you may add almost anything that fills your imagination.

So how can I learn HTML?
HTML is relatively easy to learn but difficult to master. To create simple webpage, a text editor and graphics program are required. Notepad on a PC (or simpletext on a Mac) will allow simple HTML to be created. Instructions called tags are placed in a notepad document and saved with a .html or .htm extension. After saving a webpage, it may be viewed locally with a web browser such as the Netscape Navigator or the Microsoft Internet Explorer. To see (or share) a webpage over the Internet a third party Internet host such as Angelfire is required. The minimum tags begin a webpage are listed below:
Words here show in the title

</body> </html>
This would place a title in the upper left corner of the browser (no text, no background).

Additional HTML tags may be added in the same manner by accessing this guide, adding the desired content, saving the notepad document and hitting the Reload (Refresh) button in your browser.