Publishing to the World Wide Web

I. Security
a) It is very important that you consider that audience that will be viewing your webpage. You must remember that your webpage will be accessible to anyone (if built correctly) with Internet access. You must therefore carefully choose the information that you post on your webpage. Additionally, as an extra precaution, you should also consider the information that you wish to submit to an Internet service provider or webpage service. You should not include any information of a personal nature including, but not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, pictures of yourself or anyone else who is under the age of 18 years of age or still in a high school, middle school, or elementary school. You should not post any information that is any way disrespectful or slanderous of a person or other entity. You may post, for example, your e-mail address (as long as you are listed anonymously with that service, information about the school that you attend, a local business, or games that you like to play. As a final note, these recommendations should be observed in any and all e-mail registrations and/or correspondence.

II. Content
a) The content of your webpage should contain text, graphics, sounds, and other material that are created by you or copyright free. You may optionally request permission from the owner of the material that you wish to include and, with their approval, post the requested information. All copyrighted material that is used must include documentation (e-mail) that it is approved. All free images require a link to the source. If you are unsure if you are in violation of copyright law, you can get information by going to the Internet and accessing the following URL (Internet address) that will provide you with basic information.

b) The content should be the best that you are able to offer. This includes, but may not be limited to, links (including navigation through your page), text, and graphics. Visitors (including myself) must be able to comprehend the way that you have organized your information.

c) The content should be appropriate for the audience. Is this webpage designed for students, adults, business people, or everyone? This is perhaps the most important factor in determining how many people will be viewing your website, and how useful the information that you provide will be to that audience.

d) Last, but by no means least, you should consider the structure that you choose in designing your webpage. Will it be hierarchical, storybook, or some other format?

Demo only - do not use these names...

Directions: You must post a webpage through the Geocities webpage service. You must begin with registration unless you are registered with Yahoo already. When you reach the Geocities website, locate and click the Sign Up Now button (then select the Sign Up link. You should fill out the spaces provided with data provided by Mr. Molino in order to protect your anonymity.

Once you have registered you should sign in and select the Manage tab. Select File Manager and then Open File Manager. To create new page, select New (top row). To create a new Folder, select New (bottom row under Subdirectories).

For this assignment you will need to choose a topic which relates directly to:
1) Academic (school or college) subject.
2) An extracurricular activity
3) A "How to" guide.
4) A timeline based on historical facts.
5) The Groton Community.

- Create 10 webpages.

A navigation menu. Recommended Text Navigation Bar Guide

- Include 10 graphics (at least 1 per webpage) and 10 sentences on each page.

All base grades will start at 80.

You may increase this grade with:

-User friendliness (easy navigation)
-Exceptional content
-Appropriate use of HTML style (fonts and colors)
-An Image or JavaScript enhanced site map
-Attempting to use every class to improve your project
-Cooperation with Mr. M and fellow students
-Enthusiasm and good attitude

Tech notes
- all images should be placed in an images directory (that you must create).
- all your webpages must end with the .html extension.

Please Note: You have the ability to log on and work on your webpage at home if you have Internet access. You are free to do so. However, it is important to remember that not everyone has Internet access at home. If you finish early you may ask Mr. Molino what grade you will receive if you make no adjustments. You are welcome to accept that grade. You will, however, be required to bring other class work with you and/or work in some other constructive manner until all students have received a reasonable amount of time to complete the assignment. Anyone who is disruptive or in any way interferes with normal classroom operations will be removed from the lab until such time as they are able to work in a controlled manner.

Grading: In addtion to the info provided on the Progress Page, the following info is offered:

Blue 90-100
Teal 85-95
Green 80-90
Yellow 70-80
Red Instructor's discretion

Disclaimer: The handout provides basic details of the present project. There will also be a verbal component that will involve instructions provided directly by the instructor. It is therefore very important to ask what you may have missed if you are absent.

I, ____________________________________, have read the information provided and shall make every effort to complete the project in timely manner fully cooperating with Mr. Molino and my fellow students. My topic is ____________________________________