<TABLE   BORDER="desired size"    CELLPADDING="desired size"   CELLSPACING ="desired size" WIDTH="desired size"   HEIGHT="desired size"> - Creates a table.

<TR> Table Row. Include this tag to start a new row.

<TD>Table Data Cell. Include your items in this area. </TD>

</TR> Closes the row.

</TABLE> Closes the table.

The border is the width of the outside box around the table.
The cellspacing is the width of the border around the cells in your table.
The cellpadding is the space between any items in the cell and the border of the cell.

The height and width are obviously the height and width of your table.

Tables inside of tables are useful for aligning text and other items. You notice that if I was to change the border width to 0, I would then be left with a nicely aligned paragraph.


The resulting table would look something like this. You can also use a table as a horizontal spacer. If you enter the code:

<table border="0" height="any numeric value in pixels">

you end up with a space between your tables which is sometimes desirable over what the <br> tag can provide. I did, in fact use this method to separate the the present tables.

Other Table Tags
<TD  ALIGN="left, center, or right"> -
used to align items in a data cell.
<TD VALIGN="top, middle, bottom, or baseline> - used to align items in a data cell.
<TD COLSPAN="number of columns to span">
<TD ROWSPAN="number of rows to span">

Note: These attributes may be used together inside the TD tag.
(i.e.  <TD ALIGN="center" COLSPAN="2">)

As a final note, tables can be used to line up troublesome graphics. If you are having difficulties lining up your graphics, try putting them in a table. The browsers seem to have a mind of their own in this area. I know that I have spent many frustrating hours trying to get my graphics to align properly. If you place them in a table and thus a data cell, they must align horizontally or vertically in the cells that you specify. I leave it to you to resize the cells to the desired sizes as these dimensions will vary from image to image.

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