FITNESS TRAINING The Groton Central School District has an exceptional weight training facility. For the past several years I haved volunteered after school as a fitness training supervisor. I have provided interested students with the opprtunity to develop a personal fitness training program to accomplish a variety of individual goals. I have also assisted interested faculty and staff members by providing instruction recommendations with regards to the proper use of our weight training equipment. Listed below is a partial set of the resources that have been (and continue to be) utilized in our training environment.

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  PHYSICAL EDUCATION The goal of the Physical Education Department is to provide opportunities for students to achieve skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will allow them to attain an optimal quality of life and well being.

Physical Education 9-12: A variety of sports and recreational activities are provided for senior high students throughout the year. In the fall, tennis, soccer, flag football and European handball are offered. Physical fitness testing is also administered. Winter moves inside with basketball, badminton, dance, floor hockey, aerobics, volleyball, circuit and weight training, racquetball and recreational games. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in cross-country skiing and archery, Project Adventure as well as other activities. In the spring, students are again tested for physical fitness, followed by units in track and field, softball, tennis, golf and lacrosse. Students' grades are factored into their overall G.P.A.; therefore, a numerical grade is used. The numerical grade is based on the evaluation of fitness and skill (40%), participation and preparation (20%), sportsmanship and attitude (20%), and written work, which can include quizzes, tests or reports (20%).

Adaptive Physical Education: A specially designed program of developmental activities, games, sports and rhythms suited for those students who cannot participate in the regular instructional physical education program. The outcomes and standards of the district guidelines in physical education are adhered to as closely as possible in the adaptive program with modifications. Rating - a grade is given based on individual performance in the areas of fitness, improved motor coordination, effort, attendance and participation.

Alternate Assessment: In the event that a student becomes ill or sustains an injury that prevents them from participating in normal physical education classes, written assignments may, at the instructor's discretion, be provided. These assignments may vary between instructors. Additionally, the assignments may vary between students depending upon the nature and severity of the ailment.
Disclaimer: The above information is for personal use only. This infomation has been provided as a "recommendation" only and should in no way be considered as a definitive or authoratative guide. Prior to beginning any physical activity you should consult with a medical professional to determine if you are healthy enough to pursue any and all of the aforementioned activities. You may also wish to consult a professionally certified weight training consultant for additional guidance.