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Web Design

Students are expected to miss no more than 3 classes. In the event that they are unable to attend class, it is their responsibility to determine what they have missed. Please review the grading policy for additional details with regards to meeting project deadlines.

General Educational Emphasis

Students will be required to gain basic understanding of how the Internet works. They will also be required to learn HTML, XHTML and gain a basic understanding JavaScript and CSS. They will learn how to design and manipulate webgraphics. They will design graphics including text using Adobe Illustrator. They will be introduced to Macromedia Flash, an online presentation tool. They will also be encouraged to create 3 dimensional animations after an introduction to Blender.

Course Goals/Objectives

1) A fundamental understanding of the history, structure and operation of the Internet.
2) Students will gain the ability to write HTML and JavaScript using a simple text editor.
3) Students will gain understanding of how to create and properly use web graphics.
4) Students will be introduced to advanced webdesign applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash and NAN Blender
5) Additional topics may be discussed (such as the use of the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) but may be restricted due to resource limitations.

Instructional Methods

Discussion - topics covered in the text will be discussed during review sessions (see below).

Assignments - periodically students will be required to complete projects. The format of projects will be primarily in the form of writing HTML, web code or essays. They will also be required to create webgraphics and a Flash project. These projects may then be uploaded to a third-party web server. Students will be required to complete these assignments in class using the Internet as a primary resource.

Review - material covered in class will be reviewed prior to each quiz. Review for the midterm and final exams will be provided at the instructors discretion (prior quizzes will provide an excellent review resource).

Assessment/Evaluation (Grading)

Quizzes - 50% of the 6 week grading period (18 weeks total)
Projects - 50% of the 6 week grading period (18 weeks total)

Midterm - 20% of the 2nd 6 week grading period
Final - 20% of the final grade

Important Note: Late assignments will not be accepted, barring absence due to extraordinary circumstances. Projects that are not received by an established deadline will be considered forfeit and a 0% will be recorded for that assignment.

Overview of Quiz/Exam Design Quizzes will be composed of practical application (i.e. building webpages), short answer, and (best answer) multiple-choice questions. Exams will be composed primarily of quiz questions.

Recommended Text - Web Developer Foundations : Using XHTML, Terry A. Felke (Scott Jones) and/or HTML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB, (2nd Edition), Elizabeth Castro (PeachpitPress).

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