WK Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
1 Expectations HTML tag/attribute review
2 HTML Tables
Tag Reference
Tables Quiz

Using Frames

4 image Using Colors Paint.net Tutorials image Blender Gallery Intro to Blender
5 Introduction to XHTML
XHTML Reference
6 Introduction to CSS
CSS Intro  Tutorial by Quackit
Rollover by SSI-Developer     CSS Properties List
CSS Quiz
7 Introduction to JavaScript Create a New Browser Window JavaScript Quiz
8 Creating a JavaScript Rollover Creating a JavaScript Image Map Demo
9 Building Good Webpages    Best Website Awards Webtips Quiz
10 Create a local website (not on the Internet)
11 Local website continued...
12 Create an Internet website @ Geocities.com Demo Creation Tips Navigation Kit Tools
13 Internet Website continued...
14 Internet Website continued...
15 Internet Website continued...
16 Review for Final Exam Final Exam

Please note: This class is designed for a specific amount of time (ie 90 days/18 weeks) for High school classes. It is a template for the subject matter that will be covered. Vacation periods or other breaks are included within the normal 20 week semester period. Adjustments to content may be made as necessary.

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